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Ketamine is an effective treatment for depression and chronic pain.
Ketamine, one of the most widely used medications in the world, has traditionally been used for anesthesia. Research has shown that low dose ketamine is highly effective in treating refractory depression, and chronic pain. Even in cases of severe depression unresponsive to other medical treatment, ketamine infusions are effective for about ⅔ of patients. Unlike many other conventional therapies, people can have profound relief from their symptoms within hours of ketamine treatment.

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Treatment for difficult conditions
Working to alleviate symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder & chronic pain
Major depression

Up to half of all people with depression are not adequately treated by conventional therapies, or cannot tolerate the side effects of antidepressant medications. Many continue to suffer from what is called treatment-resistant depression. Today, depression is the leading cause of disability in the world, underscoring the great need for better treatment options.

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Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder can be a debilitating and difficult to treat illness. Similar success rates are observed for treating bipolar depression as those with with unipolar depression. Scientific studies done at the National Institute of Mental Health and academic centers throughout the world have found that about ⅔ of people have a successful response to ketamine infusions.

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Chronic pain

Chronic pain can be a severe and debilitating syndrome. It is often difficult to treat, and can be associated with comorbid depression and the development of substance use disorders. Many treatments such as opiates and anti-inflammatory drugs also have significant side effects. Ketamine has been found to be effective in many types of chronic pain.

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